Rs. 15000 Prize Bond List 2020 Latest Draw Result & All Previous Lists

Rs. 15000 Prize Bond Lists Check online

Check Online All Latest & Previous Rs. 15000 Prize Bond Draw Result Lists

See online and download 15000 Prize Bond List draw result 2020. Get latest info about prize bond of 15000 and its draw schedule. Prize Bond of 15000 Draw Result has three prizes with respect to amount. The 1st prize of is of Rs. 30,000,000, 3 prizes each of 10,000,000 and 1696 prizes each of Rs. 185,000. It has draw four times per annum.

The details on National Savings 15,000 prize bonds can be given to those who wish to purchase the prize bond of their chosen name. To know the 15000 rs. prize bond ballot date, you will be able to visit the official SBP website or 1st, 2nd & 3rd prizes amount are arrange in below table.

Total Prizes and Winner Amount of Rs. 15000 Prize Bond

1st Prize30,000,000 PKR (1 Prize)
2nd Prize10,000,000 PKR (3 Prizes)
3rd Prize185,000 PKR (1696 Prizes) provide complete schedule of Rs. 15000 prize bond each year and all other prize bonds. Also, you can check prize bond result of Rs. 15000 and download list of prize bond result. Keep visit with us to check 15000 Prize Bond result List of 2020 and all other prize bonds.

Draw Schedule 2020 of Prize Bond 15000 Rs.

Draw#Prize BondsDateHeld Cities
#81150002 Jan 2020Quetta
#82150001 Apr 2020Faisalabad
#83150002 Jul 2020Hyderabad
#84150001 Oct 2020Multan

Prize Bond Lists of Rs. 15000 All Previous Lists

Draw#Prize BondsDatesHeld CitiesView List
#83Rs. 1500002 July 2020HyderabadView List
#82Rs. 1500001 April 2020FaisalabadView List
#81Rs. 1500002 January 2020QuettaView List
#80Rs. 1500001 October 2019MuzaffarabadView List
#79Rs. 1500002 July 2019FaisalabadView List
#78Rs. 1500001 April 2019RawalpindiView List
#77Rs. 1500002 January 2019KarachiView List
#76Rs. 1500001 October 2018PeshawarView List
#75Rs. 1500003 July 2018LahoreView List
#74Rs. 1500002 April 2018MultanView List
#73Rs. 1500002 January 2018MuzaffarabadView List
#72Rs. 1500002 October 2017MultanView List
#71Rs. 1500004 July 2017MuzaffarabadView List
#70Rs. 1500003 April 2017LahoreView List
#69Rs. 1500003 January 2017RawalpindiView List
#68Rs. 1500003 October 2016FaisalabadView List
#67Rs. 1500004 July 2016QuettaView List
#66Rs. 1500001 April 2016HyderabadView List
#65Rs. 1500004 January 2016KarachiView List
#64Rs. 1500001 October 2015MuzaffarabadView List
#63Rs. 1500002 July 2015HyderabadView List
#62Rs. 1500001 April 2015QuettaView List
#61Rs. 1500002 January 2015LahoreView List
#60Rs. 1500001 October 2014MuzaffarabadView List
#59Rs. 1500002 July 2014MultanView List
#58Rs. 1500001 April 2014RawalpindiView List
#57Rs. 1500002 January 2014KarachiView List
#56Rs. 1500001 October 2013RawalpindiView List
#55Rs. 1500002 July 2013MuzaffarabadView List
#54Rs. 1500001 April 2013PeshawarView List
#53Rs. 1500002 January 2013MultanView List
#52Rs. 1500001 October 2012RawalpindiView List
#51Rs. 1500003 July 2012MuzaffarabadView List
#50Rs. 1500002 April 2012HyderabadView List
#49Rs. 1500003 January 2012FaisalabadView List

National Saving Schemes

Prize Bond scheme was introduced in 1960 by State Bank of Pakistan under the name of “National Prize Bonds”. We give the latest information about National Saving Schemes accurately and timely. Furthermore, you can check all old draw results by selecting below given list. Subscribe our site and share with your friends.

The prize bond is known as a high prize bond and a total of 1700 winners will gain from the prizes for the 15000-price bond. For the first, second and third prizes, the numbers of winners would amount 1, 3 and 1696.

The award bond draws are declared two or three times a month, and the first draw is announced every 1 month, while at approximately 15 times per month the second draw is announced. People may receive a full and detailed schedule of prize bonds that are shared on-line for people’s knowledge.

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Bond Award Key Facts

The dates on which the bond is released are varied and Rs 15000 bonds can be obtained as the drawings for this bond are handled every quarter and the draws are four times a year. On this page, you can read the result for award bonds and watch 1500 list of award bonds 2020. The National Savings Office in the town can be visited to retain the prize bond draw. You may also take a search for the price bond schedule list 2020 and attend the drawn-out ceremony at the National Savings Office.

In compliance with the already released schedule of price bonds two or three times a month, the Central Savings Directorate shall include the bond 15000 and the draw-up of the prize bonds. The 15,000 draw award bond in all major cities of Pakistan is declared every three months and the 15,000 draw award bond is issued and distributed throughout Pakistan. There are a total of 32 prize bonds issued by various denominations and the authority in question has issued the full schedule for the prize bond declaration.

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