HEC Allowed the Universities to Conduct Online Exams

HEC Allowed the Universities to Conduct Online Exams
HEC Allowed the Universities to Conduct Online Exams

Online monitoring may either be used if universities perform ‘open book assessments’ or if they develop a supervised surveillance system. Universities must use ‘Turnitin’ to review the web-based similarity index and the responses of other students in this mode.

The Commission for Higher Education (HEC) has taken notice of students in some universities’ concern that their exams should be performed online.

Any student in one course will receive an online or on-campus review in the same mode.

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On-site exams can only be used if all COVID-19 health and safety protocols are strictly complied with. In case students believe that the coverage of the course is inadequate, universities will even have to schedule Make-up lessons for two weeks. Evaluation of all classes, such as medicine, engineering, and subjects involving laboratory/studio work, that involve psychomotor’ abilities should take place on campus.

HEC has also made it possible for universities to take tests on-campus or online at the discretion of HEC, as long as the selected mode offers a fair evaluation of student results. Universities should review and select the best possible way for their “exam readiness,” i.e. technical readiness, management capability and policy to be evaluated.

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In consultation with the vice-chancellors of all the provinces and territories, the anxiety of students was thoroughly checked, taking into account problems created by the pandemic and the opening of universities on February 01, 2021. In addition, a viva/oral review can be included in the evaluation if appropriate.

In order to reduce the academic interruption and continue online education with quality protections, HEC has been actively tracking the pandemic situation and coordinating with the universities since March 2020. On the HEC website, the HEC Guideline on Online Readiness, Assessments, and Exams provides universities with criteria and minimum standards.

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